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Re: Constipated Breastfed Twins

Thank you mamas! You make me feel better. Honestly. I like not having to change so many poopy diapers. I've got a 2 yr old in diapers as well, so the fewer the better. I didn't mention it to the doctor when we were there a few weeks ago simply becuase they didn't seem to be in any pain or anything. I've had a toddler before who really was constipated and there were lots of tears involved. No tears with these little guys, just some very serious looks while they do their business and lots of smiles afterward I remembered that BF babies are better digest more of their food than formula fed babies and that means less waste. I guess if they continue to have lots of wet diapers and aren't fussy I'm not going to worry about it.

As for the spitting up. I hold them football style and nurse them both at the same time (God gave us 2 breasts for a reason right?). Sometimes I'll sit on the bed with the boppy propped up on my knees, while I lean back against a pillow. I suppose they are more upright in that position. Other times I sit cross legged and lean forward to them, so they are laying down then.
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