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Re: Frontier tether came off on one side

Originally Posted by jess71903 View Post
Check your manual. I would be much more comfortable installing it with the seatbelt, long belt path, if that's allowed at his weight.

A child under 2 years old still has under 2 year old bones, regarless of weight. The whole deal with rear-facing a child as long as you can is to protect the spinal cord, which is wrapped with bones which are still partly cartilage that young. The older a child is, the more bone has been laid, and the more protected the spinal cord. A younger child's head is also much larger in relation to their body, so in a crash, the heavy head is flung forward while the body is held in place by the straps. This can cause internal decapitation, which is exactly what it sounds like. In a rear-facing seat, the head and neck are cradled and move together. The Frontier has a 2 year minimum, presumably to encourage parents to rear-face their babies to at least 2.
This, all of it.

The car detail guy would be buying me a new Frontier. Monday, call Britax and see what they say. In the meantime, see if you can get it installed with the long belt path. I would not use the lower anchors without the top tether under any circumstances.

If you post what your vehicle is, I can look up tether retrofit information for you. In many cases, it's done at no cost.
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