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Re: Pre-school curriculum (3 & 4 year olds)

Keep in mind that learning academics is a very, very small part of being a preschooler. Kids who have never even learned to write their names before kindergarten still end up in the same place by third grade as those who were reading by age four.

There are many skills a preschooler will master before he goes to grade school. He will learn to cut, paint, create, draw a picture, then dictate the story that goes with it. He will learn to cooperate, climb, cross the monkey bars. He will learn to tie his shoes, (you will probably teach him that) ride a two wheeler, build, dig, etc.

Hopefully, they will hatch baby chicks, or watch tadpoles grow, or take care of a class pet.

At the preschool age, they are learning to be a group, cooperating, empathizing...They need to master small motor skills, and large motor skills, they need to make messes, get dirty, and come home tired and happy.

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