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Re: Will I regret having only one child?

I think whatever you decide, you should not ever look back (regret) but like a pp said, it might be too 'early' to decide. maybe just let things "be" as it were, and if something happens, it happens. KWIM?

I think children adapt to their situation regardless... why? because they have nothing else to compare it to

And IME - going from 1-2 was hard. I had no idea how to accomodate for #2 - but it took a little while and figured it out quick. - then again. theres a 10 year gap from #2 to #3 and that was a super hard transition! harder than from 1 -2 but it's because so much of our lives was already set in and it was like starting all over again - oh wait... it was exactly like that!

Good luck - go with your heart/gut
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