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Re: What many pieces of clothing is a good amount for a 2 y/o?

I don't know exact numbers, but I know my almost 3 y/o DD has more than she needs. That said, I'm a garage sale shopper (and a super stingy one at that!) so I don't feel bad going a little bit nuts.

She has roughly:
10 pants/jeans/skirts
probably 20 shirts?
6-7 "outfits" (like matching sets from gymbo or carters or whatever)
8ish dresses/tights
5 sweaters
a few sweatshirts/windbreakers
1 winter coat
1 nice brown parka coat
and loooooooots of shoes... I'm a sucker for them.

I know she could do with considerably less, but I like having a good selection and I like her looking cute. Plus, she loves it too. And they're mostly 3T... they will be a smidge big this year, but not horrible, and they will almost definitely fit her next year, unless she has some MAJOR growth spurts next year. So I'm guessing it should be a 2 year wardrobe, which helps me feel justified
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