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Originally Posted by KelseyH

I won't have a midwife, but I am planning on encapsulation, which I know will help the bleeding over the next few days. If I bleed a lot during/immediately after the birth, I'm planning on just eating raw placenta - but only if necessary! Have you done that with any of your past home births? My OB mentioned a script for Cyototec in case of PPH, but I don't know how comfortable I am with that.
I've seen PPH first hand as a doula. Its supposed to be less likely in a physiologic birth, but being prepared for the worst is what helps me relax. :-)

If I were in your shoes and my oB offered a scrip for cytotec after the delivery I'd take him up on it and save it for if I was showing signs of shock and severe blood loss. Not as a preventative, but if things got bad quickly and we were waiting for an ambulance.
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