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Re: Imagine vs. Diaper Safari OS Covers

I really love my Diaper Safari covers. I am doing a mix of prefolds and flats and no matter how I stuff, I get no leaks and they fit just beautifully. I have a skinny 11 pound 5 month old and find that I can simply adjust the snaps to get that perfect fit. A lot of the other covers aren't so adaptable. I also really love the quality and stretchiness of the PUL. I don't have any of the Imagine covers, but I do have some of the pockets and I just don't like the PUL or fit as well. I think I may just be a special case, though, because of how difficult it can be to get a good fit for my baby. I should say that I tend to really like imagine products overall. I have the bamboo flats and unbleached prefolds and am really happy with those.
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