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Re: Journey to Conception group grads!

We (my gram and I) arrived at the hospital at 8:00 and hooked on the monitors for like 20 mins or so and then we waited until my doc arrived a little while later. While we were waitng, I finished reading #4 of twilight...doc giggled when she came in and found me reading it (she just finished #3) Finally got hooked up on Pitocin around 10:40a. (took the doc a while to find another one she had to get permisson or something for, a higher up doc.) The contrax were started, and they upped my level a little bit every 20 mins or so. By 12:45 I was getting tired (normal nap time for me ) so i rested and listened to my music. While i was resting, doc came in, but let me rest for a little while. things kept progressing and by about 3p, the contrax were hurting like when i was about 4cm with bryan, so i knew i hadn't progressed too much (i walked in at 3cm's and almost completely effaced) By 3:15p, doc came back (had finished another delivery just before that.) check me, completly effaced 4cm) and asked if i wanted to have my waters broke then or wait a while for dh to come up (he was at home working the farm.) I told her that we can get the show on the road :tongue: So she broke my waters, contrax immediately got closer together and stronger. I made it 1 hr before i asked for Nubain pain meds...they lasted only a freakin' hour!!! By 5:30 or so, the pain was back strong for the contrax, i was getting a little nautious (nothing major) but i was still having alot of hip and back contrax so doc had me get up, go to the bathroom, and while i was sitting on the toilet she said if i wanted to, i could try to push threw the contrax. So i did and it felt better. Lost my "cookies" so to speak there, so my nurse and doc had me come back to bed (took me a while) and they got the "baby" tray ready. by 6:00 doc checked again and i only had a rim around the cervix left. so i was pushing down during the contrax. (helped threw them!) at 6:15/6:20 doc told me to give her some big pushes when i had contrax. I was telling baby hurry up and get out...get out before daddy finishes chores!! (dh was milking at this point, and finished up around 7p, then he was going to come up) Well she listened and arrived at 6:34p. She gave the saddest/funniest little cry but was too busy looking around to really let out a scream ;D She was blueish when she was born, but pinked right up!

SHe has taken to BF right away, but doesn't nurse to often cause she is so bubbly right now. I will post some pics later, have to go and check on her again...(finally fell asleep for this morning )

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