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Re: extremely upset and frustrated with MIL

I agree with those who say fix your issues with your DH first. The whole car being in her name wouldn't fly with me. That needs to be fixed now. I wouldn't pay for gas or anything else having to do with that vehicle until her name is off of the title.

And, your DH needs to respect you. How do you expect your MIL to respect what you say if your DH and the children don't? When you say no going out this weekend, even to grandma's, then they shouldn't go out. When they left with your MIL it showed all of them that it is okay to be disrespectful and not listen to what you say. That is not okay. You need to have a talk with your DH and stand up for yourself.

Once you and your DH are on the same page, it should be easier dealing with MIL. But he is going to have to show her that you have his respect and need to be respected by her as well.
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