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Re: Shopping preferences - DS and other forums

I prefer things listed in Diaper Lots, because I hate to discover something I want in another category by the same mama who just shipped a purchase to me yesterday. It's a waste for her to ship to me twice and I would prefer to request a small discount for combined shipping when I want to buy things from different categories. Or, at least note when posting in different categories that you have more fsot posted in X category. Along the same lines, it drives me crazy when people add to their lists days after the original post. I understand why people do it, but I always hate to buy more from someone I *just* bought from even when I see something I really want when they add stuff. A disadvantage to the seller.

ppd all the way. Actual shipping is fine on ebay where they have an embedded calculator, but on forums like DS and the Pin, I much prefer just a set price.

Embedded photos for small lots or single items are great, but I really like links to albums separated by category and/or size, with the appropriate info and price captioned by each picture, for larger lots. I agree the email me for pics is a turnoff for me in general and items without pics (and a comment about problems with the camera) are all but worthless to me. A picture usually answers any questions I would have about the dipe. Otherwise, I post questions and have to check back for answers - takes away some of that impulse component from the sellers perspective and creates a hassle and therefore less interest for me.

Stated price preferred. I hate making offers. It's nice to know when someone is flexible on their price, but a stated price at least puts you in the ballpark. Some people think their EUC dipe is worth $1 less than brand new while others think that EUC should be more like 2/3 to 3/4 of the original purchase price - btw, this is a small pet peeve of mine. More power to the folks who can get someone to buy their used dipe for $1-2 less than it would cost new, but it just doesn't make sense to me. Once someone else has handled it, I'm taking a risk that it hasn't been mishandled when I buy it (I've gotten burned once or twice), for $1-2, I won't take that risk. I'll look for it cheaper used - and I will usually find it if I'm willing to wait a few days, or I'll buy it new.

Finally, it's great when people update their posts whenever a sale is in process or completed. It's good to know what's been sold or is pending. I prefer when they keep the listing, but just note SOLD, rather than deleting. One of the first few times I bought, I went back to look at a pic or description of something after I paid and there was no longer a way to access that info as it had been deleted entirely from the post. I make notes on my Paypal now, but prior to that sometimes I had no good description of what I had purchased if I wasn't sure about something when I got it.

Wow - I've been writing novels in my posts today. That's enuf!

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