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Re: Shopping preferences - DS and other forums

I prefer the individual listings but then a comment at the bottom of the post that states "check out my other listings" and then provides a link. I really do hate slogging through lists, especially if it contains more than five items.

PPD is the way to go here. Ebay it's good for actual shipping as alot of sellers jack the price up, but on here, it's harder to get away with price gouging for shipping. Your reputation can be ruined faster than lighting should you try to rip someone off.

I prefer pics in smaller listings, but if it's a larger listing- a working link to an album or something, with pictures annotated accurately to match your thread list. Nothing worse than clicking onto an album from a link in the thread and you can't match up the pics with the listings or the prices are off so now you have to PM the person to find out what the real price is.

I prefer stated prices and I always state a price in my listings. I know I'm flexible so I'll put OBO in my thread unless I know I'm at the rock bottom of my price range for the product. (I know people are looking for deals, but I don't want to feel as if I'm being ripped off or I'm ripping someone off)

Good luck!
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