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Re: Anyone have children with Sensory Processing Disorder?

I have 2 kiddos with pretty bad PSD

DS1 has high functioning autism and is a serious sensory seeker. He will put almost snything in his mouth and when he is anxious or overloaded like when we go out he will start licking walls, carts ect.

DS2 is a sensory avoider and has serious issues with textures and sensations. He for one hates the feeling of freshly cut nails so I can only cut them every 2 weeks or so then he'll spend the rest of the day with his hands held out in front of him He flinches bad when anything enters his personal bubble and cannot stand getting his hands messy at all. He is not autistic but he does have a speech delay and vision problems.

We do OT once a week and DS1 also does hippotherapy once a week as well.
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