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I thought it was my diapers but it wasn't

My 12 month old was suffering with a Beyond awful rash for a month
The doctor and I thought it was yeast, we thought bacterial. I stripped, I boiled, I cloroxed, I added more detergent, I added less, I changed detergent, I tried CJ's for yeast. I tried coconut oil. Nothing changed. I tried sposis and a veterinary spray called Vetrycin (which worked a little). So finally, I found out we had a milk allergy.

So my whole point. Check into allergies. It may not be your wash routine.

However, I did find out that when i do a double wash in my TL washer that the water completely drains out and the manufacturer suggests to increase your detergent. Which I did and it has made a huge difference. In freshness.

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