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Feeling much better physically and emotionally today. The drugs kicked in and the lack of caring about SIL kicked in. I did get an email back in which she Jesus'd me to death. I'm down with Jesus in a personal way and I became catholic because we don't talk about it. That increased my level of discomfort. My brother is a Baptist missionary in Poland and he never makes me feel uncomfortable with the Jesus talk. I just feel sometimes when people push it they are not doing it with good intentions.

Moving on. Looking at schools in Shanghai today online. Emailing to set up visits. Does anyone know about the British system. I'm in love with a British school, okay okay partially because they have houses like Harry Potter and because its called DUCKS (how stinking cute right??) But also because of what I read about it.

And Susan G Komen has me up in arms today too. That rant is on FB.
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