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Re: At my wits end!

Sounds like how my son was, I just altered his nap schedule so his one nap was earlier and if he woke up grumpy I would try to get him back to sleep. Teething changes everything. But if you want him in his crib you have to be consistent. Bringing him into you bed gets him used to that. My son is now 2 years and sleeps 8-6 and a nap from 12-2 he will stretch his nap if needed or go to sleep later if we are outside playing. But to readjust nap time you have to stay out of the house or comfort zone. Go to a park and keep him playing until its a more appropriate time. This last week his 2 year molars came in so he was napping for 3-3.5 hrs but still slept at night. If he is strong an independent like my son is, give him two options when tired or waking at night. We would tell our son, do you want back into your crib or sit in the rocker? He would have to decide if he wanted to be in his bed or with mom or dad in the rocker in his room. If he didn't decide then I would tell him he had to go back to bed. During the daytime if he really hated the idea of going back to sleep it was read stories or go to your crib... Having choices makes them feel in control and better. GL
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