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how do you pack a house?

I've moved enough times to realize I suck at it. Please help!

I understand the basics. Pack what you aren't using first. Try to keep it organized, rooms together etc. What I don't get is how to do both. Let's say I have 10 cups. We could get by with 4 for our family for a few weeks or whatever. Do I pack the other 6 ahead of time? Then in the end won't I have cups in 2 boxes? I really really don't want to go buy disposable stuff. This is just an example. How do I do this?

How do I meal plan?!

I plan to put 2 weeks of clothes in a suitcase & pack everything else, so no trouble there. I know about color coding & writing down what is in each box (not that I've ever been organized enough to do so). Any other tips?
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