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Re: I need nursing bra suggestions

I finally broke down and got myself really might be worth a trip (even an hour away) and a few extra $$ because, its your BOOBS we're talking about! You're stuck with them the entire day...every day!!! If you aren't comfortable...that means you are spending the entire day uncomfortable! So, I didn't know anything about nursing bra's...initally got some from motherhood, which I HATED.....and a few months later, went to Nordstroms to be officially measured....and got one of the two nursing bras they sold at their store, made by Anita. I ended up being a 38F...which was totally a shock to me, since I've always worn bras you can buy at Kohls..and thought I was at most a C cup....and I know nursing makes your breasts larger....but anyway....I know it stinks to have to go out of your way, when you are tired, and have a little one...but I promise you won't be is worth the money to feel supported properly!!!---also, underwire in a WELL MADE BRA (like Anita) not like wearing underwire in a cheap bra. Don't be afraid of underwire, unless you are wearing a bra that doesn't really fit you.
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