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Re: Imperforated anus and vesicostomy?

Originally Posted by Louise C View Post
Hi, Ive only just seen this post so sorry for late reply. My daughter is also a cloacal baby, she is now 2. We have had a veisocostomy once before and are now going back to it again early this year. There is a group called cloacal OEIS/Cloacal Exstrophy on facebook. This group is full of support everyone asking questions, giving advice and feedback. I was so happy to find it, even just to rant!! Hope you are finding your answers, its a difficult road sometimes to follow but there is always light at the end of the tunnel
Louise, thanks for the info. I asked for permission to join the facebook page, but so far have not heard anything. I think I asked for the rights later last week or early this week.

If you don't mind me asking, why back to the vesicostomy?

As far as finding the answers, I have learned there really are no "answers" that fit everyone...I am consistantly finding out something that she should have been born with because of her anomolies...or things that should be this way or not this way but they are aren't or are, if that makes sense. Our surgeon will not give us stats or anything because she is so unique and it is a really tough thing for me to have so many unknowns, BUT it is okay. Thanks for your support.
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