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Re: What do you think of moms who...

I wouldn't think anything. Not my kid, not my business.

We were pretty irregular about doctor visits when my girls were young. Then I was concerned about DD2's weight so we did a 1yr WBV and the pedi was HORRIBLE and gave us horrible advice (diagnosed DD with FTT, told me to stop nursing immediately and give her Pediasure instead, then was convinced DD had HIV, and threatened to call CPS on me since I didn't wean her) and we stopped again for awhile. Luckily we moved and found a great doctor and had great insurance so we started going more regularly. Now it seems we are constantly at the doctor for various things (all three kids had pertussis, DS had pediatric epilepsy, DD1 has a huge wart we have been getting treated every 2 weeks, school physicals, etc).

I do believe in establishing rapport with a physician because it's so much easier when they know the child and the child's medical history.
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