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Quitting a great job to stay home

I could use input and advice from anyone who has done this. I've been with my company for 12 years, have a great work environment, fairly flexible schedule, good pay/benefits/401k, etc. I have worked my way up from receptionist to manager. But I'm on call all the time and even on a reduced schedule of 30 hours/week, I spend my day off dealing with work, it never goes away.

Financially we can do it, but it will require a huge lifestyle change and means giving up my current 401k contribution/match. DH is a teacher, but in the highest-paying district in our area, we have no debt and our expenses are few.

Besides finances, what other things should I consider in quitting? I realize I will need to get on DH's insurance. We're planning a trial phase of living off just DH's income starting Jan 1st, only daycare expense will come out of my paycheck.
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