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Re: Quitting a great job to stay home

You should also consider what you will do when the children are in school or grown.

How will you remain competitive in the job market? Will you need to go back for a degree?

How will it impact your retirement? Obviously your employer match will disappear as will your contribution. Will you be able to contribute to a Roth? Your SS retirement calculation is determined, in part, by your top earning 35 of years in the workforce. A few years of $0 earnings will negatively impact it.

What kinds of adult interaction will you plan for yourself to stay sane? Can you afford those costs?

Does your employer offer other benefits (health ins, life ins, tuition remission) that you will be giving up? Does DH have an equivalent?

Do you have savings in case DH is laid off? How likely is that? Teaching is not a secure profession in my area.

Is there a way to adjust your current work schedule to be more enjoyable? Example, only check voicemail and e-mail at 8am, 12pm, and 5pm on your days off. Use the out-of-office feature on your work e-mail. Block your calendar on your days off so you cannot be scheduled for a meeting. Teach someone else how to handle particularly recurrent, emergent or annoying situations. Leave typed instructions on how to handle problems. Negotiate for more vacation time or less weekly hours. A lot of this depends on your company and type of work.

I am in a similar position but cannot come to terms with giving up the security of a second job, benefits, and professional fulfillment that it brings. Obviously, this is a very personal decision.

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