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Re: Quitting a great job to stay home

I am a WOHM currently on Maternity leave, and have pondered this same thing (although I am the main income earner, and it's mainly daydreaming for me!).

I would consider the following:
- While I would love to be at home with my kids, a huge portion of my identity is my career, and I would miss the adult interaction. I find that SAHMs around here are very different from me, and I would feel a little uncomfortable in playdates or preschool circles.
- It would be nice to spend time home with small children, and I am sure I wouldn't regret it, BUT if I work now I can earn the position and ability to have a lot more flexibility later when the kids are teenagers and more apt to get themselves into trouble without parents around.
- Making a retirement contribution early in your life is way more advantageous that trying to make-up for time lost later. Income contributed now makes more money!
- How hard is your industry to keep up with. For me, there are advances in technology and new regulations which require that I keep up to date. If I were to leave and try to get re-hired later, I would have to compete against people who know more than me about the current methods and regs, and that would work against me. If your industry is hard to get into, you definitely want to think about this one!
- I am LUCKY to have a good, decent paying job in this economy which enables me to support my family. I would only quit if we were doing REALLY WELL income-wise with only DH.
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