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Re: Quitting a great job to stay home

Thanks for the input, definitely gives me things to think about. I don't love my job, I'm not doing something I dreamed I'd be doing...especially for so long. It's a career I happened into out of college and was able to work my way up and was given growth opportunities along the way. And the reality along the way was that starting in something new would reduce my salary by about 50%.

A few months ago I told them I needed to reduce my hours or would need to find something else. At that time I was working 50 hours, would get home pretty much at my DD's bedtime. It was lame and took a toll on all of us. My employer moved things around so I was working only 30 hours, taking one day a week off and leaving early the other days. I am still on call on my off-time. Unfortunately, in my industry the entire team is on call if something comes up. Monday was my off day and I had received a dozen calls on my cell phone by noon.

I know the right thing for us is for me to quit and am looking about 6 months out, once DH finishes his master's. He'll receive a decent raise for next year and has great job security and decent benefits (low out of pocket for me to be added to his insurance).
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