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I'm about to give up

I have been determined to breastfeed before I gave birth. After not receiving adequate support at the hospital, I sought the advice of a lactation consultant. She confirmed that the trouble with him not wanting to latch on was that I had flat nipples. She let me use a nipple shield, which worked great, but hurt very much. The lactation consultant then said that he was not extending his tongue enough and that he was pinching my nipple, which caused the pain. She advised that I let him suck my finger to teach him to extend his tongue. Both my husband and I have been trying to teach him by following her advice, but we are not very successful. He is still hurting me a lot when I latch him on. I am pumping every 3 hours, even through the night, while substituting with formula, but it's wearing me out to do both. I am ready to give up, I am so worn out.

Any advice or suggestions?
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