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Re: Pics of little boys with long hair!

Love all the little boys and their hair! I have a 19 month old ds and he hasn't had a haircut yet. My mom and other family members are ALWAYS asking when we are cutting it, and my mom always says it bothers him because he brushes it out of his face. I say, "It doesn't bother him because he never gets frustrated, it's just natural like anyone else would." He has been called a girl some, but we just set them straight right that did bother me was when someone said that it was a waste to have such beautiful hair on a boy. What, boys aren't supposed to have beautiful hair?!?!

They aren't all the best pics, but here they are!

AND, a fun one where he's being jumped by me on our trampoline. (He's not really scared, he was getting ready to talk about a bird hehe)
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