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Re: I hear this a lot, and don't "get it".....

Originally Posted by Puppydog View Post
It IS natural for people. I have numerous gay and lesbian friends. The average age they knew they were gay was 4 to 5 years old. You don't choose that at 4 - 5 years old. You just are.
I am not argueing as we are never going to agree on this. However it still doesn't make sense regardless of the side of this arguement you are on to say because something is natural for an animal it follows then that it must be natural to humans. Animals do many things we as humans (normal ones that is)would never dream of doing. Killing our young, eating poop, mating with our siblings or offspring for a few examples.

I have heard the animals don't or do ? referring to many hot button topics. I don't get it regardless. Even if I agree with the persons beliefs this arguement just turns me away from them.
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