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Re: Weekly Chat: 2/6- 2/12

Originally Posted by abhernandez View Post
Jenny I totally understand. Even though I only experienced one lose, we seem to be on the exact same page. It's almost like a personality thing. I want this more than anything in the world. Yet I'm completely disconnected. I don't believe even when I know it if that makes sense. And my pessimism is horrific. I won't even say here the thoughts that have popped into my head. I practically treat it like I'm not pregnant. One ironic thing I noticed is when I'm in an optimistic mood, I have way more symptoms. And when I'm in a pessimistic mood, I have almost nothing. I honestly I remain convinced that 50% of early pregnancy symptoms are IPS. I bet if you had less doubts about this pregnancy, you'd have more symptoms. It sounds crazy but our minds are incredibly powerful. I've dealt with psychosomatic issues and it's actually scary the self-sabotage our brains are capable of.

So in short, no youre not the only one. I don't really have symptoms at 6 weeks. I'm tired and thats the about it except on occasion (normally in my optimistic mode), I'll have other symptoms. Go figure.
Hang in lovie! You ARE going to make it! I am checking in here to see how you all are doing. Don't stress so much hun, stress is the devil and I can attest to that first hand. Relax and imagine your growing bean inside! the more you are optimistic the better it is for you and your bean! Take care of yourself and you will be just fine! You are pregnant and you will make it!

btw were you able to find a prenatal with folic acid? I have seen some good prices on them on amazon. good luck mama!

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