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Re: when you and DH disagree?

The best advice I gave my DH to help me when I had my second daughter was to let me concentrate on feeding, sleeping, and healing. That meant when he was home, he took full charge of our ODD, prepared dinner for everyone, changed diapers, etc. I got to sleep with baby and feed, feed, feed.

Everyone is different, but my two daughters both cluster fed a lot in the evenings and beginning of the night which really triggered my supply to increase and kind of leveled off once we hit 6-8wks. The more baby is at the breast, the more they are stimulating supply. It is very tiring so I made sure I got good rest, eat well, and drank plenty of fluids.

Also, we co-sleep (bed share) from the beginning, but then gradually adjust so that the baby is beginning the night on their own in a crib and then comes to bed later.

Good luck.
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