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Re: im drained - need more for twins to do

I hear you! My girls were born at 29 weeks, always cognitive milestones at chronological ate and physical milestones at gestational age. You are right, their brains want interaction but their bodies are holding them back. There are some days when all 3 of us cry! Exersaucers are great but only if they can stand or you run the risk of hip issues, they also need strong backs and good neck control. Mine were in them around 6 months old. Play mats with toy arches rock, I had two that I rotated. Bouncy seats that adjust to a sitting position are good. Have you tried wearing one? To cook or get things done I used to put one on my back in the Ergo. I also second the nanny idea. Sometimes I have her come over so I can take a nap or get stuff done. I also have wonderful SAHMs for neighbors that hold a baby while we all sit outside and watch our kids play. It does get easier, months 3-7 were really hard but now they are sitting up and beginning to feed themselves so it is slowly getting easier since I can distract them with toys or food!
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