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Re: Pics of shared baby-toddler rooms?

I dont have pics ATM, but my 3yo DS and 17mo DD share a SMALL room. It's 9x10' and between where the window, heat vent and closet are, there are 2 walls that are too small for beds.

I can describe it easily. The door is at the bottom-right of the room (if the room were turned vertical like a floorplan lol). The right side wall is a dresser and closet door. Top wall is the window, heat vent and a small book case. left side wall is DS's bed (pushed up into the corner). bottom wall has DD's crib on it (pushed into the bottom left corner).

The room is so small I would have to take 3 photos from different angles to actually get everything into it. We've got our place for sale, the market is just so slow right now, and when we moved into this 3bdrm place, we only had 1 child and had no idea we would outgrow it so fast lol.
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