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Re: Can spanking cause mental illness

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
The term used is link. That is not cause. It just means that the incidence of physical punishment is higher in populations of mentally ill. I want to know whether physical punishment (as defined, which was ridiculously broad IMO) is a result of these disorders or somehow part of the cause. I know that many children who are predisposed to mental illness often suffer from behavioral disorders. The more intense the behavior issue, the more likely parents are to fall into physical punishment (particularly off the cuff, reflex type punishments) than parents of your NT kid is.

It's like saying that ADHD is caused by video game usage. Well, no. It's caused by brain function differences and this brain difference causes the ADHD brain to seek out seriously stimulating things like video games to enhance the feeling of concentration.

ETA: I'm with dancermommy1 in being interested in the actual study. There's a lot of spin in the article all the way down to the reference to the lead author of it. Most honest to goodness studies don't end with such conclusive statements:

They tend to use words like "link" or "correlation" and then recommend furthur study unless they can back up their statements with seriously solid numbers-which aren't referenced anywhere in the article.
This is what I was just going to post. There are is such a stigma on having a mental illness already let alone in raising a child with a mental illness do we really need to attempt to place blame on a parent? I remember when people truly believed autism was caused by "refrigerator moms" and there are still people out there who think that. Because of the stigma it is hard for parents to reach out and get help for their children, they want them to be "normal" and who doesn't want that for his/her child. Everyone assumes that they have to have "done something wrong" to have caused what happened to their child even if it was a simple matter of genetics. Adding extra blame will not help these children. It will prevent parents from wanting to get help for their children.

I am bipolar. I was spanked exactly once and I have a hard time believing that that single spanking has anything to do with the fact that I am bipolar. My father is also bipolar, his father was probably bipolar and his mother was clinically depressed.
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