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TONS of 5T-6x (pics!)

This is basically an entire wardrobe of 5T girls clothes (some are 5/6, small, etc... but all fit a 5T girl in my experience). The outfits are not all the same brand, but I paired them the way I would on my dd just to make things easier for me. Most everything is paired into outfits, but there are a few stragglers too. Everything is in VGUC-EUC (I pulled out anything stained or with holes or heavy wash wear). I'm listing the brand names that stand out to me, but some don't, so if it's not listed as brand name, either it's from Target or the like or I just have forgotten what it is between the time I took the picture and now. lol I have examined everything carefully, but I am human, so I will give it another once over for anyone interested in buying just in case I missed anything. I can provide more pics of anything, just ask! And I will be happy to combine shipping with any of my other listings. If you're wondering about anything, please ask. I'm happy to give answers, I'm open to trades and offers, willing to take more pictures, etc... Thanks!!!



2. Arizona jumper (no shirt) $6ppd

3. red shirt with rhinestone kitty $4ppd



6. Blues Clues rain poncho $5ppd

7. Black winter coat with rouching - the waist drawstring has pulled out of this on one side (it's visible in the picture). I don't think it would be any problem for a crafty momma to put back in, and honestly, I don't think it's even necessary to the function of the coat, so it could probably just be cut off. I haven't really messed with it. $10ppd


9. Teal shirt/khaki pants $9ppd

10. pink and plaid dress (my grandma calls these "school dresses" ) $7ppd

11. Kai-lan shirt and khaki pants $9ppd

12. SOLD

13. SOLD

14. SOLD

15. George pink and black dressy outfit $9ppd


17. SOLD

18. Gap shirt and capris (shirt is the color of BG sweet) $8ppd

19. Lime green shorts with matching top $7ppd

20. Peach capri pants outfit $7ppd

21. Roxy shirt/Old Navy bermuda shorts/capris $8ppd

22. Arizona shorts overalls and Jumping Beans white shirt $8ppd

23. Cherokee lavender outfit $7ppd

24. Old Navy skirt and shirt $8ppd

25. Tinkerbell shirt and embellished jean shorts (knee length) $7ppd

26. Winnie the Pooh shirt and khaki capris $7ppd

27. Dora dress-up play clothes $8ppd

28. Floral Dress $6ppd

29. Cheerleader skirt $5ppd

30. Short sleeved shirt (all tags were removed) $4ppd

31. random shorts $12ppd

32. Pink striped capris $5ppd

33. floral skirt $5ppd

34. Arizona shirt (blue) and Faded Glory shirt $6ppd

35. Red, white, and blue Tinkerbell tanktop and blue tanktop with rhinestones $6ppd

36. SOLD

37. SOLD

38. Pink skort and "Baby Girl" shirt $6ppd


39. Pink Bobbie Brooks size 6x (red are Old Navy size 8) $5ppd each

40. Faded Glory size 6 $8ppd

41. Osh Kosh size 6 $5ppd

42. Hanes size 6x $5ppd

43. Joe Boxer swim suit cover size 6x $5ppd

44. Limited Too top size 6 $5ppd (has mark on tag from outlet store)

45. SOLD

46. Sonoma size 6 $4ppd

47. Disney size 6 $7ppd (the lighting is bad in this picture. This is a nice bright pink, not dingy at all)

48. SOLD

49. Basic Editions top size 6x/ Mary Kate and Ashley capris size 6x $10ppd

50. SOLD

51. Simply Basic shirt size 6/Circo shorts size 6 $5ppd

52. Chloe's Closet size 6x $8ppd

53. Goodlad of Philadelphia tie-waist top size 6/ Arizona skirt size 6 - $8ppd

I have girls 7/8 clothing too!
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