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Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
Ok, so OB checked some things and Switched me to weekly visits (they are only 5 minutes away) for blood pressure checks and urine checks for protein. They are also going to run baseline bloodwork so if things start looking bad they have something to compare to, since I developed HELLP syndrome last time. She also recommended a home monitor so we bought one after the appt.

She prescribed a safer prescription med for the migraines but insurance is only willing to cover 9 a month. This is a daily issue and she said to take one, and if it's not better, another two hrs later. So we are dealing with insurance on that and waiting for a call back. They have other preferred meds but not sure if they are safe during pregnancy.

She is still optimistic about a vbac so we will see how things progress! I'm happy to get the professional checkup weekly though, that will help ease my fears each week.
I'm glad you 'fessed up to her about it! Sounds like she's not going overboard, but wanting to keep an eye on things so they can act quickly if needed - that's a good thing

Sorry about the migraine meds... I really can't believe they're being so ridiculous about it. If the other "approved" (I assumed that means covered?) meds aren't safe for pregnancy, but that's all they'll agree to cover, are they willing to accept liability for anything that may happen as a result of taking them?! I'm sure they wouldn't! So why in the world would they argue with your OB about it?!!!!
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