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Single Mommies

Do we chat here ?Or is there another forum for that?

I am leaving my current arrangement with my soon to be ex . We have basically been co parenting for almost a year.

We are moving on. It's been a long time and this is overdue.
I am about to really be single moming it with 4 kids.

Single moms talk to me please.

How does CS work and do I have to take the kids to court with me during ANY of the judgements ?

We are going to have joint custody.

I have been looking for a job.
What do you do to bring in money if you do not have a job ?
I live in a kind of considered rural area and with so many college students there's not really alot out here job wise

Thank you for chatting with me.
I am a little terrified about jumping off the board into the pool but this is the best for the kids and myself. It really is. Mental/ Emotional abuse is just as bad as physical and I am no longer letting this happen to us any longer.
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