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Personal parenting fail # bajillion

After work I went to the building we're trying to renovate to pick up the hubs and kiddos. We get the kids and everything packed into the car and head home. Gman is in the back babbling away as normal (I was super tired and just kinda tuned him out). After a few minutes I realize he's saying "I'm free, I'm free" in this super happy tone. I say "you sure are", not really paying attention to what he's going on about, and turn around to look at him-the hubs was driving. He's not strapped into his seat! I put him in, put his arm through the straps but didn't buckle it or snap the chest part. I freaked out and yell for hubby to pull over ASAP, 'cause even if I unbuckled I couldn't reach Weeman to strap him in. So I suck as a mom. I'm just glad we figured that out before we got on the expressway.
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