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Originally Posted by abhernandez
And what kinda of cruel company would make progesterone pills pink???? gaaah. horrible. mine were light yellow and I was always analyzing the shade... is it truly yellow or is there tinge of pink? it drove me insane.

as for the discharge... they told me not to use liners or anything but i think it's because (tmi) ive had problems with recurrent yeast infection during pregnancy so I just got a couple packs of 100% cotton undies and change them like 900 times a day.

Afm: Just a question for doppler users. The baby kicks me a lot and hard when I use the doppler... even when he hasn't been kicking in the time before. And it happens every single time without variation. So can he feel it? Is this normal? It kinda makes me feel bad. He wont be kicking so I'll get worried and check and then he starts kicking. Am I torturing the poor little guy by not letting him relax/sleep/whatever he does when he's not kicking? I try not to do it very often but I can't break the habit completely. And omg... nearly forgot!! Thank you for all your kind words about my weight gain post. I've been reading everything but I normally follow along on my phone and it's so hard to respond on my phone that I just kind of never do. I need to start checking in my computer more often.
My pills aren't meant to be suppositories. They were prescribed for a previous pregnancy by a diff doc, but my doc said to go ahead and use them internally and he'd give me a new scrip when I'm out I had JUST refilled for 60 days :/ I see the new doc in a few days and ill ask him/her about it!

And cloth pads shouldn't add to the funk/infection risk---I can't use disposable ones, I have a HORRIBLE reaction (think blistered chemical burns).

And my boys both beat up the Doppler. I'd say as long as you're not doing it TOO much (like daily or more) its not harmful and the vibrations just wake him up!
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