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Re: Labor in a tub but not deliver, how does it go?

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
About what point were you at before you moved from the tub to the bed for the epidural? I know it will vary between people, but just trying to get an idea? Since I've never gone into "labor" I have no idea how long labor would be for me to judge by.
I was also a vbac but with severe birth trauma from my first birth so I had a midwife with me from early on so I am not sure what point people normally start counting. My midwife came soon after my contractions were 3 minutes apart even before they were super intense.

Contractions started around 11 am. My mom got here around 1 and it was regular, we called her at 3pm and she came at 5pm. We stayed hometill about mdnight. By 1 am I was checked in, ctg'd and in a delivery room. I went in the tub 4 hours before getting the epidural. I got out at the point in which the intensity was too much for my comfort level and my anxiety began peaking. I was by no mean the angry screaming lady at that point. I never got past breathing and humming through contrations. Not sure if that is because I am a monster wimp or perhaps much more in tune with my inner chi then I give myself credit for

After I got out of the tub I had to dry and it was probably about 45 minutes before I had the epidural in place.

If you do choose a epidural do not consent to any induction meds the risk are super high with the combo. I told them going in if you plan to induce me send me straight for a csection I wont endure that hell again and sure didnt want a natural birth.

Sadly vbac didnt work out for us. But I am very happy with the way my birth went and laboring in the tub is some of my fondest memories of it.
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