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Re: How do you know when your child is ready for toddler bed?

With DS1 he was so tall I had to move him at 15 months old to not have him fall out. He did great. I put a gate up in his room so that he could not get out and be safe in the morning.

I moved DS2 to his toddler bed at 15 months old when DS3 was born. DS3 slept in the PNP bassinet. He did fine in it as well when he actually slept. He was moved to a twin at 18 months as we needed the crib back for DS3 who hated cosleeping.

DS3 never had a toddler bed. He went right to a twin at 18 months.

DS4 still cosleeps with us with his crib side carred to the bed. We will not move him till he is night weaned from nursing. I plan to use a toddler bed in our room for awhile as the older boys break down the gate now.
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