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Labor in a tub but not deliver, how does it go?

Please help educate me a little, and be kind. I'm a hospital birther so I realize it won't be natural like many of you like. But perhaps you can help me understand what the pros/cons would be to laboring in a tub as a hospital and not birthing in it.

My OB informed me a couple visits ago that our hospital does allow laboring in a birthing "pool" or you can shower (they have great showers, but I just can't imagine standing up for that...although there is a little stone wall built in seat in the shower, but that doesn't sound very comfortable). You can labor in the pool but can not deliver. I assume when pushing is ready to start, you would have to get out.

So a few questions:

I had an emergency c-section with DS due to sudden onset p-e HELLP syndrome. I am totally fine with it, I understand why it was done. I would like to try for a vbac simply due to the recovery time, I was a pain wimp apparently and in a lot of pain for several weeks. It made it tough to get out of bed from a lying down position to get up with DS at night, etc. My DH was a godsend! so I'd really like to try for a vbac, which OB is supportive of.

I have read here from other moms (on this forum) that a vbac is safer WITHOUT an epidural. My OB does not agree at all with this, and honestly, I do NOT want a med free birth. I really won't do well with it, I'm just not one of those people who can push through it. Can you have an epidural and still be in the tub?? Seems like a bunch of people would be lifting you in and out of the tub, that doesn't seem practical or safe (being wet, slippery, and laboring...) So would a tub labor mean no epidural? Or do you get out of the tub when the pain is too intense and then get the epidural? And if so, what is the point of the tub in the first place?

I am just trying to figure out if this is something I should even consider. I don't know if all the rooms accomodate the tubs, so it's something to think about and ask at the next appt.
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