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Re: How bad are they? (Artificial Sweeteners)

My mil got me a book called the guide to Healthy Eating by Davd Brownstein M.D and Sheryl Shenefelt C.N. I had been drinking Diet Coke made with Splenda because I thought it was better, but it isn't. Here is what it says in the book.

Sugar Substitutes are known as spartame (NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonfull, andEqual-Measure), saccharin (Sweet N' Low) and sucralose (Splenda).
The most common artificial sweetener used is aspartame. The United States consumes over 80% of the worlds' supply of aspartame. It is added to more than 6,000 foodsand many pharmaceuticals, including many children's liquid medications.
Our experience has shown that consuming large amounts of aspartame may acutally cause many health problems, inluding obesity. We have found that it is very difficult for people to lose weight, if they are consuming large amounts of aspartame. In addition, there are many neurological disorders and system disorders exacerbated by aspartame. Aspartame should not be used in any amount and needs to be avoided.
Sucralose is a newer sweetener marketed as Splenda. However, sucralose, which has two chlorine molecules per molecule of sucralose, can lead to thyroid and other hormonal problems. Sucralose should be avoided.

It goes on to say that Natural sweeteners should be used. They list these as Agave Nectar, fruit, honey (raw), maple sugar, maple syrup, molasses, rapadura, stevia, sucanat, and xylitol.

Just wanted to share, because I thought it was pretty interesting reading about it.
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