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Re: Not happy with our elementary school!

I'll be talking to the principal later today. She left me a voicemail at work and I will contact her later today. If all things should be handled through transportation and not the school, then why didn't they tell us that from the beginning? We were waiting in the office and the lady in the smaller office would gather the info and call transportation directly. When DH went the other 2 days, it all went through her directly from the school.

The only things we knew for sure was that the teacher and the aid would gather the kids who took buses and made sure they got on the right bus. DS knows his address but he wouldn't have been able to recognize his stop since this was the first time.

I basically just want some answers. I don't think it's right that a parent who goes to the office 3 times is never told correct information. Or directed to the right person to call if they are not in the office.

My anger has dissipated at this point. It's a learning experience for all of us, but I am still not happy that our attempts to gather information was made so difficult. I am going to apologize to the principal in case my email came off harsh (I had my sisters read it and they didn't think so) and let her know that this is my first child and I like to be prepared when he is not within my care.

I think a lot of the worry came from the fact that he also has food allergies, and since transportation was such a mess, it made me worry about how careless the school might be in regards to his allergies as well. At his last nursery school, which was a lot smaller, I was given a handout and numerous updates on what was happening and what to expect, so this is very different for me.
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