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Re: Silly question...

LOL the heart looked fine, the head looked fine, kidneys, hands, feet, spine, etc. My worry now? NO GENITALS. Like, maybe the baby is transgendered - I had the same worry with my youngest, and he came out very well endowed, as in, bigger than his 3-year-old brother (and still is). We all need something to freak out about, right? Does it help that I was certain in the beginning that this is a boy, and yet can't bring myself to knit anything but purple now, but can't stand pink? I keep picturing him in these cute little purple things and dresses. Even my 3-year-old tried on a Hanna dress the other day and immediately started spinning in it, and it was adorable... I have definite girl vibes, and have since before the ultrasound, but am so darn confused about it. I think the tech changed the resolution or something, it's not like I actually got a good look, but from what I did see, there were no genitals at ALL. And I was 20 weeks exactly, so there should have been something there - then again, maybe I did see it, but blocked it out because I didn't want to know! That happened with my oldest, it was a super clear "here is a penis and here is a scrotum" plain as day, large as can be, right in front of me, and literally 2 minutes later I didn't remember seeing ANYTHING. Ah, preggy psychosis!

=My_Tree_Grows;15781894]I take it you got an accidental glimpse during the U/S and are now worried that you know more than you wanted to know? Or am I projecting my situation onto you?
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