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Re: How do I do this?

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
I rarely force my 2.5 year old to do anything but I make the alternative or consequence at lot worse than just obeying mommy. I would just leave him sitting by the cereal and tell him he can get up to play whenever the cereal is cleaned up. Wouldn't bother me if he sat there all day. Eventually they will do it and I think it would be better for him to choose himself to obey than being physically forced too. Plus then it is not a battle between you and him. It is just him making a choice and trust me, when everyone else is going about their day and he is stuck sitting on the floor by some crusty old cereal, it would get picked up in a hurry.
I do this a lot and it seems to work pretty well, but what if the child doesn't stay sitting next to the cereal? I know, keep picking them up and bringing them back, right? But then it seems like it becomes a power struggle because dd will play that "game" for a good hour--run off, put back, run off, put back...
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