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Re: ADHD & homework

We have homework issues here, too. My son is 11 with aspergers, ADHD, and anxiety, and LOL it's lots of fun . My son has to do homework right after school. The meds he is on all wear off by dinner time. Last year was awful. Teacher would tell me no more than an hour of homework, and math alone would take longer than that (mainly because of the ADHD and anxiety). If I signed saying he spent an hour on it, she'd hold him in for recess (which would make that nights homework 1000 times worse). The kicker is that he is 3 grades ahead in math, and the math itself is not the issue... He knew it really well. It was a struggle all year long. This year, his math teacher knows him and gets him. He is not to spend that much time on homework, and she's touched base with me several times to make sure there isn't any anxiety. In fact the few times we have had issues, it's been because he was confused about the math. We get him through 1 or 2 of the problems he's stuck on and she helps him the next day. Anyway, I guess my point is talk to the teacher. Some will help, some will not. My son is on a 504, but so far it has been pretty useless. Most teachers don't follow it, because they don't believe he needs extra help (then they came to me because his behavior is so bad... Ya think?). But talk to the teacher. Be honest and let her know how long it is taking you. See if she can help or accomodate or something. God luck... I feel your pain!!
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