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Originally Posted by krismark0
I still feel that way this time, and I'm 27 weeks! First I though the heartbeat would help...nope. Then I thought surely the ultrasound would...nope! Right now the little guy seems to be trying to do jumping jacks in there...but it doesn't feel any more real.

It makes me worry that something is wrong with the baby, but I'm sure he's fine. I think more than anything I am so busy right now I don't have time to think about my pregnancy. Definitely much different than my last one.
I think this is it.

With my last pregnancy, I could just not cook and DH would fend for himself, I could obsess about every symptom, read 4 different 'your baby this week' blogs, plan, prepare, nap after work, etc.

With this one, I still have a home to maintain. I have 3 meals a day to prepare for a 2yo, I haven't taken weekly photos or obsessed or even read a 'your baby' type blog in weeks.

It's just very different. We 'worked hard' to conceive DD - took 3 yrs. She was highly anticipated. This baby was wanted and desired, but came easily without charting and testing and such.

So it's just surreal. I had an early miscarriage a couple months before this pregnancy. That was surreal. And then this one stuck.

Right now the baby is moving all over, it's wonderful. But I don't feel pregnant really. I certainly don't look almost halfway baked.

So different.
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