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Re: HS Weight Loss Thread- March

Originally Posted by Kätzchen View Post
I'm homeschooling and losing weight, though, it's not typical weight loss, just cutting, rather.
I'm 5'4" 105lbs, cutting to 100, then lean bulking to 110.

I weight lift and stick to cardio. I'm currently eating at 1270 cal a day and shoot for 120g protein, under 60g carb, less than 20g sugar. I am still nursing my 19mo on demand, so I really like to pay attention my intake quality.

I do 40min of cardio 3x a week, which is running 5mi three times a week. I lift on the off days.

I really like this bit of advice for anyone looking to get in better shape.

I'm really interested in strength training but I don't know when I'd have the time to hit the gym. DH lifts and I talked with him last night about how I could make it work but we couldn't figure out a solution. We have PX90 but its too crazy for me. I did 30 Day Shred this morning. Do you do weights at home or at the gym?
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