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Re: A bit annoyed

Originally Posted by bdhutier View Post
I gave tons of stuff away ffs and saw them on the board for almost retail. It really upset me since I did it to be nice and felt taken advantage of. But the mamas on here pointed out that she was selling the things to get money which will help out ,so in the end it worked out. Don't assume that just because the financial stuff was pushed back it wasn't real to begin with. It may have been that it was one of those really great moments where you get a reprieve and someone does something really nice for you all at once. Kind of like when you get an unexpected bonus and a huge tax refund,all of the sudden what was terrible is now all better,sadly it works the other way too and things fall apart quickly. But you did a great thing and now she is going to have the money to buy what she needs BECAUSE OF YOUR KINDNESS! You did a great thing and someone will pay it forward to you when you need it.

I need to remember this-- thanks!

I think you just turned a negative into a positive for a lot of people!
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