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Re: Are you a mom of 3+ kids?

When my 3rd daughter was born... my kids ages were 3, 17 months, and newborn. So 3 up to age 3.
My husband at the time was away in the military, so I was on my own taking care of them.
It was rough. lol wow... routine? That did NOT exist. It's hard when they are so young to get them all on a routine together.

Now, fast forward 5 years... and add on another kid lol.. my kids are ages 8, 6, 5, and 2.. and I'm due to have a 5th kid in December. Life is SO easy with the kids now. They all have a routine, the house never feels "chaotic" as it did when they were younger. They keep each other busy.. sometimes when I'm trying to give them their daily dose of individual attention, they kind of blow me off LOL I'm not nearly as "cool" as they are lol. They love playing and hanging out with each other. They are very independent which makes my life so much easier.
I can honestly say I'm already thinking about a possibility of baby #6.. but no more after that!

I never thought I'd want a big family, until my family got bigger. I actually used to have not so nice opinions of big families. I couldn't understand how the kids could be happy, not having as much attention from their parents as a 1 or 2 kid family would get. Or monetarily how it could work. But like I said, as my family grew... I saw that they DO get enough attention.. maybe more than they want sometimes LOL. And we do provide for them, its not easy- we're not rich, but we manage.

But of course.. your health is #1. If your body doesn't feel able to have more kids- then obviously you want to do what is best for your body. So health is priority.
If it's just fear of having more kids and the household being too busy or too chaotic... it all gets SO much easier as they grow older. When they can brush their own teeth, dress themselves for bed, rinse off their own dinner dishes, do chores around the house- life is easy! Of course my 2 year old still doesn't do all that, but he does do a lot for a 2 year old lol. He loves helping out!

Just give it time... but obviously- if you feel your family is complete, and/or your body can't handle another pregnancy- then enjoy your family and don't worry about "what ifs" or feeling disappointed about not having a big family you anticipated on having. These days any family is big it seems lol.. more and more people are happy with dogs and opting not to have kids.
So just enjoy your kids and whatever will be will be!
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