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Re: DESPERATE for help...

Originally Posted by 4xMommy View Post
I think I might get some ibuprofen tonight, see if that helps him...I should have also mentioned, he has eczema REALLY bad, and is probably pretty uncomfortable from that, as well.
just wanted to warn that the packaging for ibuprofen says not to give to infants under 6 months. not sure why or if it really makes much of a difference to give it at 5.5 months instead of 6, but just thought i'd share, just fyi (maybe someone else will know more about this?).

also for eczema, the Aveeno line is all that helps me (i have horrible eczema, had it as a kid and it went away only to come back in my late teens/early twenties.). mine got so bad when i was 19 that it was weepy and bleeding, all over- my face (eyelids even!), neck, shoulders, arms, back, everywhere! Aveeno skin relief was the only thing that helped. now i use unscented everything and use Aveeno lotions on myself and my baby (as a precaution, he hasn't had any eczema yet but i've been super-cautious about using only the gentlest of products because of my own history!). lukewarm baths daily are fine but only use soap every other day, or even every 3 days, and try using a humidifier, especially during the winter with indoor heating, which is super-drying. i'm sure you already know all this but just wanted to give my
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