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Im a total dork...:( Suggestions on natural fertility please!!

So i have 5 beautiful healthy active energetic kids!! You would think by now i would be able to tell the difference between being pregnant and pms right...?? WRONG I feel like such a dummy today, really! I totally had myself convinced that i was preggo and looks like AF just showed up today To my defense i have had some pretty severe pms symptoms when they usually are more mild (VERY bloated, sore breasts, extreme fatigue) and they have been like this for over a week!!!

Anyway i had a miscarriage in July, my first ever And i started taking Vitex about 5 weeks ago to help regulate some hormones after it. It has been working i think but i was wondering now that AF came if anyone had some suggestions for some natural fertility methods/aids/etc that i can maybe begin in hopes for next month??

This is the first time really that we are having to try as we have always NTNP but now YDS is almost 19 mos old and we are hoping to conceive soon!
Thanks mama's, you all are so wonderful
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